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AusPollen Post-season Questionnaire 2018/2019

Do you have hay fever? Is your asthma made worse by allergens in the air?

Local AusPollen Apps provide daily levels of pollen in the air during the grass pollen season.

To help us evaluate the AusPollen Apps and how we can improve this service, please complete a short questionnaire.

Pollen counting will resume next spring. You can access the service on the website (, or via itunes or Google Play Apps, twitter or facebook.

Best regards, The AusPollen Partnership Project team.

If you would like to know more about the AusPollen project please contact Prof. Janet Davies, Queensland University of Technology,

For any complaints about the project, how its conducted or questions about participating in research in general, please contact the SWSLHD Research and Ethics on 02 8738 8304 or

This research is funded by NHMRC Partnership Project GNT1116107 and co-sponsorship from partner organisations.

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Why are Exotic Tree Pollen being Recorded at Elevated Levels in 2018 Compared to 2017 in Canberra?

This spring the levels of exotic tree pollen such as Birch and Poplar trees have recorded very high concentrations in the Canberra air this year - why is this so?

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Why are the pollen counts LOW this year in Canberra?

So why have the pollen counts been so LOW for the spring of 2017 in Canberra? This is a question that I often hear this year and it's a good one.