How is the grass pollen season going in Canberra?

Oct. 26, 2023

October's decade-high grass pollen levels and earlier onset of extreme pollen days hint at a potentially unprecedented hay fever season,

October has always been known for ushering in the grass pollen season in Canberra, but this year, it came with a little extra fervor. The capital has witnessed an unparalleled amount of grass pollen in the air, surpassing the records of the last decade. Such an occurrence can be attributed to an earlier onset of the grass pollen season compared to the preceding years. Notably, EXTREME grass pollen days were observed up to a week earlier than in the peak years of 2021-22.

2023 mid-season

The grasslands seem to be on a race against time, but what does this signify for the hay fever sufferers and the community at large? The question on everyone’s minds is: are we heading into the worst grass pollen season ever witnessed? While it's too early to draw a definitive conclusion, certain signs are hinting at a possibility of a shorter grass pollen season.

Early indications of grassland dry-off are surfacing, which might act as a catalyst in curtailing the duration of this year's grass pollen season. The vibrancy of our grasslands can serve as a harbinger for the pollen season ahead. The “greenness” of the grass is directly proportional to vegetation productivity, which, in turn, translates to pollen production. More green, more pollen. This simple yet significant relationship helps us in forecasting the intensity of the pollen season and bracing ourselves for its associated challenges.

mid-season 2.png

This season's early onset and heightened pollen levels are not just mere data points, but a narrative of how dynamic and unpredictable nature can be. It reiterates the importance of staying prepared and adapting to the evolving circumstances.

Here at the Canberra Pollen Service, we are keeping a vigilant eye on the unfolding season. Our daily pollen count and forecasts continue to serve as a valuable resource for hay fever and asthma sufferers. We're here to help you navigate through this season with as much ease and knowledge as possible. Stay up to date with the service by downloading the Canberra Pollen App on the Apple and Google Play Stores.


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