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With climate change likely to make Canberra's pollen season worse, expert calls for better monitoring

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The Canberra Times
Nov. 16, 2020

With global warming likely to make Canberra's pollen season worse, an expanded network of monitoring stations would help authorities make better public health warnings for people with hay fever and asthma.

Record grass pollen in Canberra to blame for hay fever, thunderstorm asthma warnings

ABC Online
Nov. 13, 2020
  • Canberra is recording high levels of pollen, which has led to thunderstorm asthma warnings
  • Pharmacists have reported a rush on strong allergy medicine this spring
  • A thunderstorm asthma warning is current for the ACT region

Ryegrass is public enemy number one as pollen levels hit new high

The Riot Act
Nov. 12, 2020

After bushfires, smoke, hail storms and a pandemic comes ryegrass, elevating pollen counts to levels not seen in a decade, bringing runny noses, watery eyes, asthma outbreaks and that tickle on the roof of your mouth that won’t go away.

The Canberra suburbs where hay fever hits hardest

The Canberra Times
Sept. 13, 2020

It's hardly a surprise the bush capital is also the hay fever capital, but a new research project has uncovered just where the allergy-inducing plants are spread throughout the city.

Itchy eyes? Sneezing? Welcome to hayfever season (and it’s going to get worse)

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The RiotAct
Sept. 6, 2020

Spring has sprung and on the very first day of the new season the ACT was hit with an extreme pollen count, giving hayfever sufferers the sniffles, watery eyes and a taste of what’s in store for the next few months.

Hotter and drier than average summer forecast for Canberra

Canberra Times
Nov. 29, 2019

Often there's a slight rise in grass pollen in mid to late summer but because of the dry year we've had, grass pollen is below average from what we've seen in previous years

It's hay fever season… or is it? We bust 5 hay fever myths

ABC Online
Nov. 12, 2019

"The myth is that what you see in the environment is the thing that's triggering hay fever, but it's probably something else like grass pollen"

Don't blame the fluff for your sneezing. It's innocent

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The Canberra Times
Oct. 17, 2019

Some Canberrans have been heard moaning about the little white balls that float like snow. They see the fluff and their eyes start watering.

Fluff Season

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WIN News Canberra
Oct. 15, 2019

Floriade may be over, but #Canberra's spring time celebrations are still blooming - with pollen falling like snow in parts of the Capital

Climate change could affect grass pollen seasons, and your hayfever

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ABC New Online
Oct. 1, 2019

The sneezin' season in the northern hemisphere might be prolonged due to climate change, and scientists want to know what that could mean for asthma and hayfever sufferers in Australia.