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It's hay fever season… or is it? We bust 5 hay fever myths

ABC Online
Nov. 12, 2019

"The myth is that what you see in the environment is the thing that's triggering hay fever, but it's probably something else like grass pollen"

Don't blame the fluff for your sneezing. It's innocent

duck fluff.jpg
The Canberra Times
Oct. 17, 2019

Some Canberrans have been heard moaning about the little white balls that float like snow. They see the fluff and their eyes start watering.

Fluff Season

WIN NEWS team.jpg
WIN News Canberra
Oct. 15, 2019

Floriade may be over, but #Canberra's spring time celebrations are still blooming - with pollen falling like snow in parts of the Capital

Climate change could affect grass pollen seasons, and your hayfever

Hay Fever sneeze.jpg
ABC New Online
Oct. 1, 2019

The sneezin' season in the northern hemisphere might be prolonged due to climate change, and scientists want to know what that could mean for asthma and hayfever sufferers in Australia.

As the sneezing starts, a call for better trees in Canberra

Simon Haberle ANU
Canberra Times
Sept. 4, 2019

"There should be more attention to the planting of trees that don't cause hay fever." Professor Simon Haberle

Let the sneezing and wheezing begin as spring pollens arrive in Canberra

Ben Keaney image 2016.jpg
The Riot ACT
Sept. 2, 2019

It will come as no surprise to Canberrans sneezing, wheezing and itching their way through these first days of Spring, but hayfever rates in the national capital have once again been confirmed as head and shoulders above the rest of the country, just as the yearly pollen counts begin to rise.

It may not have felt like it this morning, but spring is just around the corner

WIN NEWS team.jpg
WIN News (Canberra TV News)
Aug. 29, 2019

We're being told to expect warmer and drier than average conditions in #Canberra, prompting a reminder from allergy experts, for sufferers to be aware of the conditions and make sure they're taking the necessary precautions.

Which is the most hayfever-prone city – and is 'botanical sexism' to blame?

The Guardian
July 1, 2019

Allergy sufferers from Tokyo to London are struggling as pollen levels surge in cities, possibly due to a preference for male trees

High Pollen Counts during Spring in Canberra

Simon Haberle 2017.jpg
WIN News - Canberra ACT
Oct. 17, 2018

High Pollen Counts during Spring in Canberra

The worst places for hayfever sufferers revealed: Why Canberra is the sneezing capital of Australia and how Sydney's rain could have a silver lining

The Daily Mail
Oct. 8, 2018
  • High levels of pollen are predicted in most parts of Australia over the next week
  • Experts warn the worst is yet to come as grass pollen hits at the end of the month
  • Canberra and Adelaide are among the cities expected to see the worst levels