Learn more about pollen - Plantain

Dec. 17, 2015

Plantain (Species, Plantago lanceolata; Family, Fagaceae)

Plantain (also Ribweed, Ribgrass, Lamb's Tongue, or Narrow-Leaf Plantain) or Plantago lanceolata, is an annual or biennial herb with lance-shaped leaves. Introduced from Europe and Asia, it is an abundant lawn weed in temperate regions of Australia. They are wind-pollinated and produce large amounts of pollen during October to February.

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Next to some of the well-known allergenic pollen types such as Rye grass, Plantain is considered as significant as an allergic pollen in the temperate regions of Australia. There area number of native Plantago species, though these are relatively rare and their allergenic properties are unknown.

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