Learn more about pollen - Pine trees

Sept. 22, 2015

Pine (Species, Pinus sp.; Family, Pinaceae)

There are a diverse range of Pine trees planted in and around Canberra with over 20 species found in gardens and more extensiveparklands and plantations. They are wind-pollinated and produce copious amounts of pollen during August to November when "dust clouds" of pollen can be seen blowing from the trees or settling in ponds and pools leaving a distinctive yellow "smear" on the surface.


The pollen grains are large with a wing structure that facilitates long-distance dispersal on windy days. Pine pollen allergies are similar to other pollen allergies, and many people with pine pollen allergy are also allergic to grass pollen.

Distribution of Pinus sp. (Atlas of Living Australia occurence map)

Pinus sp MAP.png

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