Learn more about pollen before the hay fever season starts in Canberra

Sept. 21, 2015

Almost 1 in 6 people in Canberra suffer from hay fever. One way of understanding how best to cope with hay fever is to learn more about pollen before the season starts.

At the moment the main allergenic pollen in the air come from the introduced cypress, ash and pine trees. Overall, the pasture grasses and weeds are the worst offenders. These include perennial rye grass (Lolium perenne), couch or Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) and many others. There is also increasing recognition of the importance of other exotic plants such as silver birch and olive trees in and around Canberra.

Prof Simon Haberle of the @CanberraPollen team, in collaboration with the Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership (APAP), recently produced the first Australasian Pollen Calendar based on historic data generated in major cities across Australia and New Zealand (read more here: http://goo.gl/G9lJzQ). The research highlights the strong climatic controls on allergenic pollen seasons and the need for better coordination between researchers, governments and health departments in order to improve the public health outcomes for sufferers of hay fever and other respiratory related disease.

Over the next week @CanberraPollen will show you which pollen types cause hay fever in the Canberra region and when they are most prevalent in the air.

Australian Pollen Calendar.jpg

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