Learn more about pollen - Ash trees

Sept. 24, 2015

Ash (Species, Fraxinus sp.; Family, Oleaceae)

Ash, a wind-pollinated tree belonging to the family Oleaceae, is distributed world-wide and has been suggested as a potent allergen source in spring time. In the Canberra region Ash trees are widely planted in gardens and parklands due to their deciduous habit and the striking display of colour during the autumn months. The peak pollen season for Fraxinus sp. is from August to September.


Ash and olive trees belong to the same family (Oleaceae) and it has been shown that people who are allergic to Ash tree pollen are also likely to be allergic to Olive tree pollen.

Distribution of Ash trees (Fraxinus sp.) from Atlas of Living Australia occurence maps

Fraxinus MAP.png

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