Canberra Pollen Count results are in for 2015

Dec. 1, 2016

Earlier in the season I predicted that this season would be a “Godzilla” hay fever season, and while this was true for the early part of the season a period of unusually high rainfall for early November led to much lower counts than expected for the peak November period. In the severe season of 2014 just under 2500 grass pollen grains were caught in our trap over the October-December recording period. Over the same period in 2015 the total was 2150, which is an average of just over 23 grass pollen grains per day, a number that sits within our moderate range. We only had 9 days that were HIGH or SEVERE pollen days compared to 30 in 2014, though if the heavy rains of early November had not occurred then this number would have been much higher.

News - Canberra Pollen Count results are in for 2015  Canberra grass trends compared to rainfall 2015.png

Figure 1. Top graph shows the cumulative pollen load for Canberra illustrated as the minimum, average and maximum for years since recording began in 2007 (Oct-Dec recording period). The pollen load for 2015 up until the end of December is depicted in red. The bottom graph shows the long term average and standard deviation for an entire year based on historic records of grass pollen in Canberra. High rainfall period (total = 64mm) recorded in first 2 weeks of November 2015.

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